"Let the children come to Me."
- Jesus

Scripture is clear: kids matter to Jesus. They matter to us, too. Our hope at The Bridge is that the kids who walk through our doors experience the love of Jesus each week and learn to love and follow Him in response to the love He has for them. We don't want to replace your role as their parents; rather we want to come alongside you, help to encourage and equip you, and be a Gospel-centering voice in the life of your child.

What to Expect on Sunday

Your first stop is the children's check-in area where your child receives a name tag and security label. Kids attend the worship time with parents, so upon arrival to The Bridge you and your child will enter the sanctuary together. This encourages family worship as parents are the most powerful role models in the life of your children. You'll take your children back to their classrooms when directed to do so by the worship team (typically after the second song). Then you'll leave them with their teachers until the end of the service, when you'll head back to their rooms to pick them up.

The Teachers

A team of loving and committed teachers deliver the lesson, teach your children about God and the Bible, and discuss ways to apply the main truth to life in an age-appropriate manner. The teachers pray for the children throughout the week, prepare and practice telling the assigned biblical text (the same text you'll hear from in the service), and are encouraged to personally study the passage. All teachers and volunteers complete extensive background checks to ensure a secure environment.

The Lesson

At The Bridge, children’s lessons introduce children (pre-K through 5th grade) to God and prepare to nurture their lifelong love for God and His Word in a safe and positive environment. The lessons are crafted each week to be age-appropriate, interactive, and significant to the children attending. The curriculum is based on the sermon adults hear in the sanctuary to promote in-home discussion and interaction based on the presented biblical material.

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