He Knows Your Name!

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Names. Lots of names.

Upon first glance, Nehemiah 3 might be a chapter I’d skim. Like many of the genealogies in Scripture, we see name after name after name.

But this fact alone is glorious. It’s glorious!

 The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. - John 10:3

Friends, the Savior of the world knows your name. He knows my name.

God doesn’t need us. But out of His goodness and love and grace, He has invited us by name into the story He has been writing since before the beginning of time.

Just as Nehemiah invited all of the people listed in chapter 3 to join him in rebuilding the wall, God invites us – His people – to join Him in the redemption and restoration of all of creation. You and me! Can you believe it? He wrote us into the story.

But to know our part – to know which part of the wall we are to build – a few things are required of us.

First, we have to know and love the Author of the greatest story in eternity. We have to spend time with Him, seek His intention for our role in His story, and understand the purpose of the story.

Second, we have to know and love our fellow cast mates. Our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have also been written into this story, are indispensable. When we know only what God is doing in our individual lives, we miss out on the fullness of the story. When we bear witness to how God is moving and calling us – when we share with the family of God – we get to weep, rejoice, and grow together. The unity and teamwork of Nehemiah 3 is incredible. Jesus desires this for His body today as well.

Finally, we have to have willing and available hearts. In Nehemiah 3, those mentioned are each doing their part. What’s more – few if any of them are professional carpenters! These are people of all professions and walks of life stepping up to join in the mission. Sound familiar?

This is us. Today. In 2017. At The Bridge in Alton, Illinois. The question is, how are you building the kingdom? Do you know the Author? The One who loves you and calls you by name? Do you know the family of God? And how is your heart today? Is it willing and available? Oh He desires to have full access to it for your good and His glory.

Imagine what could happen if each of us committed to building our part of the kingdom. Just imagine!

Father, may your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for writing us into your story. May we live our parts well. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

See you Sunday!