Community Group Questions: Hebrews 2:10-18

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CG Questions: Hebrews 2:10-18

Jesus is Better: Liberator and High Priest

Icebreaker Questions

  • Have you ever gotten a perfect score on something that you had to put a lot of effort into? What was that process like and what kind of feelings did you have as you put out the effort?  What kind of feelings did you have in the result?
  • Have you ever been through endurance training for a specific purpose or goal?  How did you feel in the process of training?  When you reached the goal? What things helped motivate you in either of these situations?

Discussion Questions for VERSES 10-18

1. How can Jesus, as God himself, be made perfect?  What does the writer mean by this phrasing in verse 10?

2. How was Jesus tested through suffering as a man?  For what purpose did this serve?

3. In verse 10, “founder of our salvation” has also been translated as “trailblazer”.  In what ways do you see Jesus as the trailblazer for our salvation? 

4. Do you find yourself ever growing weary and losing heart as you interact with the culture?  How might it help to fix our eyes on Jesus as the trailblazer? (see Hebrews 12:3)

5. In verse 11, the writer quotes from the 22nd Psalm.  What verse from that Psalm did Jesus pray from his cross? What is significant about the truths being conveyed in v. 1 and v.22 of the 22nd Psalm as it relates to this passage of Hebrews?

6. What is the bond between Christians and Christ Jesus?  How did He bond himself with us? Can it ever be broken? why

7. Verse 13 is a reference to Isaiah 8:17-18.  How do these things also relate to the bond we have with Christ?

8. What accomplishments of Jesus does the writer highlight in verses 14-16?  As our heroic liberator, how do the actions of Jesus mentioned here, bind us to him even more?

9. So far in our study, we have heard the writer reference Jesus as PROPHETIC (ch.1) and KINGLY (ch.2).  What title does the writer give to Jesus in these final verses of chapter 2?  What kind of priest? (merciful/faithful/high/relative to our struggle)

10. Do you ever feel like God cannot relate to our angst and suffering as human beings? Why

11. Are you most inclined to approach God in shame or trust? Why

12. How does this passage relay good news about Jesus to address those feelings?

As brother, liberator and high priest, Jesus is unashamed to call us siblings before God and atones for our sins forever!  We can come before God with clean consciences and welcomed as sons and daughters because of all that Jesus does!