This is who we are.

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What are your core values?

What drives you, motivates you, to wake up each morning and begin afresh?

What are the beliefs that form the bedrock of the foundation for your life?

Sometimes it’s helpful to pause and reflect on the answers to these questions. We can become so busy in our day-to-day lives that we forget why we do what we do! At times we even forget who we are.

Over the next eight weeks, as a Bridge family, we’re going to walk through our core values. We’re going to pause and reflect on who we are, why we exist, for whom we exist, and how we’re called to live our lives. We’re going to celebrate the way we’ve been invited in to God’s plan for our neighbors, city, nation, and world, and the many lives He has already radically transformed!

We’ll begin this week with our cornerstone and shepherd, Jesus Christ. Without Him, we would not exist as a church! We’ll look at three main Scripture passages, all centered around the idea of what difference Christ can make in our lives – individually and collectively – when He is “in our boat.” 

In subsequent weeks, we’ll continue through the rest of our core values: the Spirit of God, the Word of God, prayer, grace, Gospel community, simplicity, and engagement. As we do so, our prayer is that our love for God and each other will deepen and grow, and that the Spirit will ignite our passion for connecting people to God’s indelible grace. 

Can’t wait to gather with you all tomorrow morning at 10!