Building the Temple of God's Holy Spirit

Building the temple.png

Have you ever traveled past a building plot and imagined an amazing structure in that place?  How would you feel if someone came along to build something there that was unworthy of the site or the foundation?  That is a point of concern for the first century church at Corinth.

To the Church at Corinth, Paul reminds them that they have a perfect foundation already laid in Christ Jesus.  But the Apostle follows with a stern warning that the church must build on it properly, with great concern for their spiritual legacy, and how it will impact the rest of God’s people.  This is still a point of concern for all of the Church today that demands us to walk in God’s spirit rather than our own selfish ambitions.

Paul offers another reminder,

Let no one deceive himself.  If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.                              1 Corinthians 3:18

Then, as now, it was hard to stay gospel centered.  But Paul has reminded the church of their foundation, and now they are to build on it with materials that fit the quality of the foundation.  These materials will be provided from God through the power of His Spirit.  Those first Christians were told to resist building on the world’s wisdom, and instead seek the will of God in all things which were revealed through Christ and His crucifixion.

The concerns for the 1st century church at Corinth are much the same for us today.  The concern is not about physical structures, but about spiritual people called to follow Christ together. The church was made up of broken, sinful people then and still today.  The good news in Christ Jesus is that then and now, we are not left to our brokenness, but are redeemed in Christ, His cross, and through the Spirit of God indwelling us; we are being restored daily to God’s will and purposes!

Do you know that you need God’s wisdom to live for Him?  Do you know that you have everything you need to live for Him by the power and indwelling work of His Spirit in your life individually and the church collectively? 

In this week’s passage, Paul goes on to say that he, Apollos, Cephas, life, death, the world, the present, and the future are all for the benefit of the church.  The Apostle wants the church to hold onto the truth of Romans 8:28 and remember that God will use everything in the church, world, life, death, present, and future to restore His people - His building - to perfect completion in Christ Jesus.  Everything for the Christian and the Church family starts with Jesus.  We must continue to abide in Him.

Let us remember today…If we build on shoddy materials, the tests of life will reveal their shoddiness.  If we build with materials fitting to God’s Holy temple, then the tests of life will reveal their quality. 

As we follow Jesus together, may we live with our trust CENTERED on the Gospel of Christ.

May we ask God to give us wisdom so that we will be about His Kingdom.

May we surrender to the work of His Spirit to equip us to honor Jesus and live for Him.

I thank God today for the people that He has used to build my life as a Christ follower, and I look forward to how He will do the same through us going forward!

Grateful and hopeful in Christ,