"Simple, yet profound..."

The Bridge in Alton has witnessed God's blessing over and over and over - God was orchestrating His plan for The Bridge, planting seeds in the hearts of many people starting back in 2012, and He continues to use The Bridge family today to reach others so that they too can experience His "indelible grace."

A new church isn't born because one person or a group of people desire it - a new church is born because God desires it! And in 2012 God began placing HIS desire in the heart of Steven Helfrich...and in the hearts of 34 other brothers and sisters in Christ who heeded His call to step out in faith and become part of His new work in Alton/Godfrey called The Bridge.

The precept was simple, yet profound - reach out to ALL people in order to "connect them to God's indelible grace." Indelible grace is grace that leaves a mark - one that is not easily erased or wiped away, one that lasts for eternity! Pastor Steven began reaching out as God was prompting him, searching for those who wanted to partner with him in planting this new church - and God delivered those individuals He called one by one. Eventually a core group of 34 believers banded together, and The Bridge took shape beginning with two initial worship services held at Gent Funeral Home in March 2013.

Our time at Gent Funeral Home was short-lived as God saw fit to provide us with another building - the previous home of 12th Street Presbyterian Church at 504 East 12th Street in Alton. Our first worship service at 504 East 12th Street was held on March 31, 2013 (Easter Sunday) and we have been blessed to worship on that campus every Sunday since that day.

God has blessed The Bridge with a Gospel-focused pastor, loving teachers, servant praise team members, a wonderful building and many people searching for community and a church home - and He continues to bless His work we call "The Bridge."

Our philosophy is very simple - make much of Jesus and connect others to God's indelible grace. 

We invite you join us and become part of God's work at The Bridge in Alton - we know He has plans for us far greater than we can comprehend!