August 28, 2017: Prayer Needs

Please pray with me for:

1. Mary Beiser and her family.  Her dad passed away on Friday.  Please pray for their comfort, peace and strength.

2. Steve Pope and his family.  His mom passed away on Saturday.  Pray for peace and for Christ's love to shine brightly at this time.

3. Jacinda Milles' dad who has had a tough last week.  He hasn't been able to eat and is running a fever and feels terrible.  Until recently he was doing really well and they are trying to figure out what is going on with this recent set back.

4. My cousin Amy Walker and her baby.  Amy received news this past week that her baby girl will not make it.  Please pray for supernatural comfort and strength for the entire family.  

5. My cousin Jessica Penny who is in Houston, TX and 40 weeks pregnant and having contractions.  They put themselves on a rescue list yesterday and are in a safe place, but it's still scary for all of them.

6. Pray for all in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

7. Pray for the team from The Bridge preparing to go to Haiti.

8. Pray for Community Groups (beginning the week of 9/10) and Alpha (beginning 9/6)

Thanks for praying.

"If I could teach 10 men to preach or 1 man to pray, I would teach the 1 man to pray." - Spurgeon


Let's pray.

Dear Bridge family, 

In an effort to love each other well and pray for each other well, we are going to begin using this page for prayer needs, requests, and praises.

Here's how it works: when you have a prayer need, please fill out the form above. You'll also let us know if you'd like us to keep it confidential and off of this page, post it without your name, or post it with your name. We will then review and act accordingly. 

You can subscribe to this page to receive email updates when a new request is posted. If you are on the email prayer list, we have already subscribed you to this page. 

In addition, for now, this page is password protected to keep these requests within the family. 

Please comment below with any questions you might have. We are excited about being able to look back and see all that God has done through prayer at The Bridge!

With love and great joy,